About us


The Team AK Asyl is a member of “NAWI” (Network Asylum Weinheim for Integration).

“NAWI” consists of the following groups and organizations:

  • AK Asyl
  • Action Group: “Welcome Foreigners as Guests”
  • Caritas
  • Diakonisches Werk
  • Protestant Church Weinheim and Sulzbach
  • Catholic Church
  • German Red Cross, local association Weinheim
  • Council for youth affairs
  • Group of people coordinating the integration of foreigners in Weinheim

Several professionals with their various knowledge of the subject work together in AK Asyl. They think about different ways of welcoming refugees, accompanying them on their further way and supporting them in all sorts of everyday situations. All these people have got great experiences due to their jobs and special engagement in action groups like Heppenheimer Straße where they decided to build the first new accommodation for refugees.

AK Asyl Weinheim
Roonstra├če 11
69469 Weinheim
Mail info@ak-asyl-weinheim.de
Fon 06201 / 15967